Burano, venice city of colours in Italy, If you are traveling to Italy, then it’s a good idea to visit the island of Burano, so that your vacation will be even more perfect. Bruno is the name of an island not far from Venice. To be precise, Burano from Venice lies north of the city.

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The fishing village generally looks unremarkable. But not the flashy and quirky Burano! Burano is an island in Venice, Italy, which has a different charm. As a fishing village, the island is clearly rich in canals. But not channels that we will discuss here.

One of the traditions that still runs on this island is the construction of houses colorful like rainbows. So that even from a distance, tourists can see beautiful scenery in the form of a row of houses with striking colors that are quite unique, and the colors from one house to another are completely different.

Why are the houses Coloured in Burano?

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At first, this village had a house that was not made of walls, but in the form of woven bamboo with a mixture of mud to strengthen the building. Then, several years later they also renovated the building by building houses from walls and coloring them in very beautiful colors.

Reporting from Amusing Planet, Burano was founded by a group of Romans who fled the city of Altino during a barbarian invasion. The first houses of Burano were only built of palafittes with walls made of wooden sticks used for weaving, then polished with mud.

In fact, the origin of the colors of each house is not solely for the element of beauty, but is bound by necessity. There are some fishermen who say that they paint their houses bright colors because Burano is one of the villages that has thick fog every morning. So, often fishermen who are returning from fishing in the sea are confused about the location of the house they live in because of the thick fog.

To overcome this, the fishermen also agreed to give the buildings a bright color so that they would find it easy to find the house they lived in when they were on their way back home. Even though the reason is very simple, this culture is so well preserved and the fishermen’s houses still have bright colors until now, and now it is one of the unique tourist spots that is often visited by travelers.

Local residents cannot paint their own houses carelessly. If they want to change the paint color, they are obliged to send a letter to the government asking for permission. After that, a reply letter from the government will be given and the letter will contain the news whether they can paint the house as they wish or not.

Because of its beauty and clear rules of the game, Burano was chosen to be the world’s most beautiful fishing village. Another skill this village possesses is crocheting. Bruno has a popular lace museum, the Museo dei Merletto or the Lace Museum.

Things to Do in Burano, Italy

How do I get from Venice to Burano Island?

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To be able to see the beauty of this fishing village, a traveler can take a boat from Venice in 40 minutes. If you want to travel from Treporti and Punta Sabbioni you can too. If you come here, don’t forget to see the season. Like Venice, Burano Village is also regularly flooded. Understandably, his name is also the Land of Canals.

Burano tourist map

San Martino, Burano

Burano, a 21-hectare island, exudes a photogenic figure: rows of fishermen’s houses painted like a rainbow, serene canals, and San Martino’s 16th-century bell tower soaring majestic and charismatic. Tourists come here to ride the gondola, relax in the beautiful cafes along the river, also take pictures on the historic wooden bridge that is one of the island’s icons.

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San Martino

Burano lace crafts

In Italy, Burano is also famous as a producer of lace crafts. (The neighboring island with its similar name, Murano, produces crafts made from glass.) These souvenirs can be found in many shops, although not all of them are now handcrafted.

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Burano lace crafts

The art of traditional lace is dying out by machines. One place that still sells authentic versions of lace is Martina Vidal, an elegant shop where a number of craftsmen diligently sew lace with intricate patterns and take time.

Burano seafood

One offer from Burano, that has not been disturbed by the changing times is seafood. As a fishing village, this island serves a variety of fresh fish, at prices far below the average expensive restaurant in Venice. Trattoria Al Gatto Nero, one of the most famous restaurants here, occupies a fisherman’s house by the canal.

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Burano Seafood Restaurants

The pasta and desserts are made by themselves. What is also fun, his character is humble, even though you are required to make a reservation if you want to come, especially if you crave tables that are arranged gracefully on the edge of the canal.

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5 star rating
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Friendly and welcoming service

To dive into the most intimate life of this small island, the best tip is to get along with the people, especially Enrico Trevisan and Domenico Rossi, two of the few fishermen who still faithfully use the local Nettuno boat. In his spare time, Enrico and Domenico offer a cultural tour on a boat with a capacity of eight people. Both of them memorized every inch of the waters in this area, as well as the stories about the saga and its mysteries.

On their tour, Enrico and Domenico tell the story of ancient times when Venice was inhabited by fishermen and salt miners, until its transformation into one of the richest city cities in the world. One folk tale that is also captivating is Giacomo Casanova, a flamboyant man who likes to hunt for love in Burano by riding a gondola.

Burano at Night

Burano’s most magical panoramas are presented at night, especially after the day-trippers leave and about 3,000 residents continue their classic rituals: gossiping in front of houses, sweeping shop porches, or tending flowers at colorful windowsill like a crayon box.

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Sunset in Burano

At night is also the time to welcome fishing boats docked with their daily catch, and home kitchens prepare to cook dinner. And suppose guests want to spend the night on the island, a local experience of staying is offered by Casa Burano, the first and only hotel in Burano.

Is Burano worth visiting?

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This island is quite interesting for tourists to visit because of its unique city building decorations. Try walking down the small streets that are on every corner of Burano. Lines of bright and striking colored buildings are ready to welcome tourists. The colors of the buildings are of added value, making Burano more beautiful, cheerful and attractive. Do not forget the flow of small rivers and boats complete your trip while in Burano.

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