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Coronavirus in Bali reopening for rravel after lockdown. Bali plans to welcome domestic tourists back in late July, a few months after being closed to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. The tourism sector in Bali and a number of tourist destinations will be reopened by the Bali Provincial Government in July 2020.

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Bali Island is one of the tourist destinations located in the east of Java Island which is well known in the world. Besides being known for its maritime charm, Bali is also famous for its various unique arts and cultures that are still being preserved.

Bali is in the top four as the world’s best tourist destination. Is in fourth position behind London (England), Paris (France), and Crete (Greece). The determination of Bali as one of the world’s best destinations by TripAdvisor.

Indonesia’s island, Bali begins to reopen after coronavirus lockdown

This position has been named by the travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor in the “Travelers Choice” for the category of the world’s best destinations. Bali is indeed famous for offering beach tours with white and clean sand, diving tours for tourists who come to see the wreck of World War II, cultural tours, to spas and yoga in Ubud.

Bali tourism has opened up to domestic tourists since July 31. The movement of tourists since it was opened per day has reached 2,000-2,500 people. For domestic tourists, Bali will be open as of July 9, 2020, while for foreign tourists, Bali is ready to accept them as of September 11, 2020. Even so, so far this is still in the planning stage with the Bali Provincial Government continuing to see the development of the Covid-19 case in its region.

For information, the tourism sector is Bali’s main source of income. It is no wonder that travel restrictions due to the pandemic have hit the local economy of the province. The occupancy rate in star-rated hotels in Bali fell to 2.07 percent in May, according to data from the Bali statistics bureau, from 62.55 percent in December before the pandemic hit and down from 51.56 percent in May 2019.

In the initial plan to open the Bali tourism sector in the near future, tourist destinations that can be visited are those that are outdoor tourist attractions. In addition, destinations that are allowed to open will also be ready to implement health protocols.

The Bali Tourism Office has prepared a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Cleanliness, Health and Safety (CHS), which later must be implemented in all tourism infrastructure and facilities in Bali, be it tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants to travel agents. Each hotel has detailed standards for the prevention of Covid-19 transmission that vary according to location and needs. According to him, it is the government’s duty to ensure that the health protocol is implemented.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Bali is more than a place. It’s a mood, it’s magical. It’s a tropical state of mind.”
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What to know before visiting Bali at new normal ?

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The following are the procedures and requirements that must be met by domestic tourists when visiting Bali, including:

  1. Covid-19 free by showing a certificate of negative results of the PCR (Plymerase Chain Reaction) based swab test, the minimum non-reactive rapid test results from the authorized agency.
  2. The validity period of the certificate of a negative PCR-based swab test or a non-reactive rapid test result of a visit to Bali is no later than 14 days after the certificate is issued.
  3. Tourists who have shown a valid PCR-based swab test or non-reactive rapid test results that are still valid are no longer required to do a swab test or rapid test, unless experiencing clinical symptoms of Covid-19.
  4. Tourists who are unable to show a certificate of negative PCR-based swab test results or non-reactive rapid test results, are obliged to take a PCR-based swab test or rapid test in Bali.
  5. Tourists whose results are reactive rapid tests are obliged to take part in the PCR-based swab test in Bali. While waiting for the results of the swab test, tourists undergo a quarantine process at the place determined by the Bali Provincial Government.
  6. Tourists who are positive for Covid-19 based on the results of the swab test will be treated at health facilities in Bali.
  7. The cost of swab, rapid test, quarantine or health facilities is the responsibility of tourists.
  8. Before departure to Bali, every tourist is obliged to fill out the LOVEBALI application. The LOVEBALI application instructions can be accessed on the page. Tourism, accommodation entrepreneurs in Bali must ensure that every tourist has filled out the LOVEBALI application.
  9. While carrying out tourism activities in Bali, tourists are obliged to implement the New Era Bali Life Order Protocol in accordance with the provisions of the Bali Provincial Government, namely, using a face mask / shield; Washing hands with soap and running water or using a hand sanitizer, willing to be examined by health workers in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19; avoid physical contact when delivering greetings.
  10. While in Bali, tourists are advised to activate the Global Positioning System (GPS) on smartphones for protection and security for tourists.
  11. Tourists can submit complaints or problems while in Bali through the LOVEBALI application.
  12. Tourists are obliged to comply with the provisions of this circular letter. Tourists who violate will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.
Kelingking Beach coronavirus in bali reopening for travel after lockdown vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Kelingking Beach

Here are 5 tourist destinations that you can visit in Bali, ready to open at normal new times

1. Bali Safari

Bali Safari was reopened to the public, after being declared to have passed the verification of the implementation of the health protocol by the Gianyar Regency Government Tourism Office on July 6, 2020 by receiving a New Era certificate. Of course, with the application of health protocols for employees, tourists and animals.

 2. Ulun Danu Beratan

The manager of the Ulun Danu Beratan tourist attraction announced the reopening of the destination on Thursday, July 9, 2020 by imposing a discount of between 20 and 30 percent for entrance tickets.

3. Kerta Gosa Museum

Heritage buildings of the Klungkung kingdom, in the Kerta Gosa tourist attraction after being destroyed in the Puputan Klungkung war in 1908.

Complete facilities for tourists such as a place to wash hands, keep a distance sign, and prepare masks have been prepared. Until later, tourism will actually recover from fully opening up on the eleven Septembers for foreign tourists. While currently only for local and domestic tourists, it was opened on July 31.

4. Kuta Beach

After 3 months of being closed to prevent mass crowds on the beach, finally the traditional village and managers reopened Kuta Beach, residents could return to enjoy the famous beach panorama with its sunset views.

5. Legian Beach

Even though it was announced that it was opened, the implementation of the health protocol on the Legian beach was continuously monitored and evaluated so that there was no second wave of Covid-19. Beach administrators are ready to carry out monitoring, but most importantly, during this new era of normality, the behavior of the community must be disciplined with themselves when entering tourist objects.

Unfortunately, the current condition of Covid-19 is getting worse in Indonesia. The number of cases per day is almost 2000 cases per day with a positive rate getting bigger. If there is a large movement to Bali, it is feared that Balinese clusters will emerge in the tourism world. It is true, Bali tourism must immediately rise. However, if the current conditions are opened as wide as possible for tourists to come to Bali, it is feared that Bali will become a red zone considering that many tourists come from the red zone.

Ah, I hope Bali is well and gets back up again!

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