Disposable Face Masks,Face Masks of 50 Pack Disposable Mask Black

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Product information

  • Disposable Face Masks : Designed for a softer and smoother feel for Breathability all day long
  • Face Masks: Mouth Face Mask 3-ply With Elastic Earloops for Day-to-day protection
  • Disposable Masks : The disposable face mask is made from a supportive and powerful 3-layered fabric for 3-Way filter
  • Mouth Mask : Easy to use–Keep the blue-side outside & nose clip on the upper side.
  • Masks : Universal fitted elastic ear loops for a variety of users for instant protection

Review about this item

  1. Disposable Face Masks, Designed for a softer and smoother feel for Breathability all day long
  2. These SUDILO Disposable Protective Black Masks are Attractive, Fit Well, and have a 3 ply filter. This mask can filter Haze, Dust, Carbinol, Spatter, and Stink. It also has an adjustable nose clip, and very comfortable ear loops.
  3. The black masks come in a box of 50 for your daily needs. They are disposable, but thick enough and well made to get more than one use from them. They fit well over your chin and they are adjustable for a snug fit over the nose, giving them a fog free fit for glasses when adjusted properly.
  4. The first impression is that the quality masks are soft and thick. Even though it’s a 50 pack masks, each mask seems has the same quality, felt comfortable. I would probably buy another pack in the next or two months. Very comfortable and love the colour.

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