The ultimate guide to get insanely cheap flights. Traveling the world can be expensive, airplanes are one of the most popular forms of public transportation. However, most airline tickets are sold at high prices, especially during the Christmas and year-end holiday period. For travelers who have limited time to travel, airplanes are definitely the first choice. The ticket is indeed priced much higher than other modes of transportation. It’s just that the plane has more value. The much shorter travel time makes plane tickets a target.

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As much as possible this plane ticket has been prepared in advance, especially if you will be traveling during the holiday season or other busy days. So, when is the best time to book this plane ticket? Because the right time can make you find cheap tickets, so you can save on travel costs. Make sure you understand this well, so that you can take advantage of the best moment to get the cheapest airfare on the market.

Have you ever heard of tips for hunting for promo tickets, you have to browse through Ignito mode, you have to book on certain days and hours? Well, until now I don’t know how it actually is. I’ve tried it too and it doesn’t work and the price is still the same.

According to travel blogger expert Nomadic Matt, this kind of trick is just a myth and is no longer valid because the airline’s pricing algorithm has been determined automatically by a computer. Where the considerations are based on demand, weather, and time. For example, whether in the high season or low season, festivals and also consider the prices charged by competing airlines.

12 ultimate guide to get insanely cheap flights
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12 ultimate guide to get insanely cheap flights

From personal experience and friends’ stories, it is true that promo tickets can even be available at any time unexpectedly. While waiting for the pandemic to subside and we can really feel comfortable traveling or who knows there will be a sudden (though unlikely) promo. These tips will save you time money when booking your next flight! Here’s how to find cheap flights to wherever you want to go:

1. Follow promotional catalog accounts on social media

It seems obvious, but I think social media is a storehouse of quick information, including providing info related to cheap ticket promos.

There are two things you can use to find out when there is a flight ticket promo?

The first is by liking their fan page, following Twitter, or other social media that are often used as a medium for disseminating information from the airline to consumers. This way you will be able to find out when promo tickets appear and what kind of promos they offer you.

The second is by registering your email with the airline you usually use. The airline usually sends a newsletter to you, whether it’s just information about interesting offers or notifications about promo tickets. Or you can also see flight ticket offers to various destinations around the world here.

2. Fly with a Low Cost Carrier (LCC)

It’s no secret that low-cost carrier (LCC) airlines offer far cheaper airline ticket prices than full-service airlines because their services are more limited. Indeed, there are some sacrifices you have to make, for example, legroom and narrower seats or having to pay more for luggage.

But if all that is not a problem for you, flying on a low-cost carrier can help you save quite a bit of money. Especially if you like traveling backpacker style and only go with a carry-on bag.

3. Following Travel Blogger Updates and Posts

Friends here still like to follow travel blogger accounts, don’t they? If I occasionally check my favorite travel bloggers, sometimes they share info about promotions via blog posts, feeds or IG stories. Because I think these kinds of things are in line with their niche, which is travel.

4. Take Advantage of Low Season Book Early (But Not Too Early)

Airline fares keep going up the closer you go, but there’s a sweet spot when airlines start lowering or increasing fares on demand. Don’t wait until the last second, but don’t book well in advance. From experience the best time to book your flight is about 2-3 months before your departure, or about five months in advance if you are going to your destination during their peak season.

The date of departure is also very influential with the price. If you want cheaper, you can book for a long departure. Choose during low season. Low season in each destination, of course, is different. Well, this is what we need to do research and googling.

If the promo takes place in March, just look for the departure tab for June and so on. It’s been a long wait, but believe me, with a long enough departure, duration, this means we can prepare for more thorough research. And the wait is really worth it.

5. Buy tickets separately, preferably not in a group

This is also an experience. At that time, there was an airline that I was eyeing when it was promoted to Japan, because I wanted to buy it with a friend, I informed first and planned to issue a group, instead the price changed. Well, if the ending is going to be on your own, you still have to be brave. Solo traveling is also fun.

Purchases in bulk will usually increase the price of airline tickets in the online purchasing system, this is because you need a seat in a row with your traveling companion.

Try to compare it when you book yourself for 4 airline tickets, then try you and your three colleagues to open it yourself on their respective computers. It is true that if you order separately, there is the possibility of getting separate seats, but by ordering at the same time, you will be able to increase your chances of getting consecutive seats.

6. Compare Direct Flights and Connecting Flights

If you are looking for a plane ticket to a destination that is quite far away, you might also want to try to compare it with the price of a plane ticket with connecting flights with two different airlines.

For example, you are looking for tickets for a vacation to Tokyo. When you are hunting for airline tickets, you can compare the price of an Australia -Tokyo flight ticket directly with the price of an Australia – Singapore + Singapore – Tokyo flight ticket (can be with two different airlines). Sometimes, you can find a lower total price with such connecting flights, even though you may have to bother transiting or even transiting for a long time.

7. Take advantage of Credit Card Promos

Airlines and OTAs also often provide promos to their customers who use credit cards from certain banks. Promos can be in the form of low ticket prices or 0% installments. The convenience of paying off airplane tickets can also be used so that you don’t have to pay too much for a plane ticket at once, as long as you regularly pay for it.

8. Take advantage of the Frequent Flyer Program

Surely you have heard of the frequent flyer programs offered by each airline. Apparently, the program is very useful for getting cheap promo tickets. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to join the program. In general, this frequent flyer program provides points that can be exchanged for bonus cheap airline tickets or can also be exchanged for free airline tickets.

This means that the more times you fly using the same airline, the more likely your points will increase. So, this frequent flyer program is a program to give appreciation to loyal customers.

9. Use the services of an online travel agent

The strategy for finding cheap promo tickets is to use the services of an online travel agent. Many online travel agent services offers cheap promo tickets to their loyal customers. Therefore, for those of you who want to get cheap promo tickets, you must be loyal to using the services of an online travel agent of your choice.

In addition, by becoming a loyal customer of online travel agents, you will most likely always get information on promo cheap airline tickets.

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10. Use Aggregator Sites like Skyscanner, Momondo or Google Flights

The internet really makes it easier for travelers to find cheap airline tickets – especially with the existence of airline ticket aggregator sites like Skyscanner, Momondo and Google Flights! With these aggregator sites, you can compare the price of air tickets to the destination and on the date you want.

The trick is to go to the Google Flights site and click on the map. Enter the date and airport of departure and Google will show you which city has the cheapest airfare and fits your budget. In addition, these aggregator sites can also usually display a price calendar so you can find the dates with the cheapest airfare prices to your destination.

The best websites to find cheap flights are as follows:

Momondo – They searched most airlines and websites in the world and came back with cheaper flights 92% of the time. Use them together with Skyscanner.

Google Flights – A great search engine that lets you see prices for many destinations.

The best booking site, they have a great user interface (and a great app for mobile).

What is the best website for travel deals?

12 ultimate guide to get insanely cheap flights
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Airfarewatchdog – Great for searching US flight deals.
The Flight Deal – Great for global flight deals.
Holiday Pirates – The best for European flight deals.
Secret Flying – A great site for flight deals from around the world.
Scott’s Cheap Flights – The BEST for US flight deals.

11. Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates and Times

Airfare prices vary widely depending on the day of the week, time of year, and upcoming holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, or Fourth of July. August is a big month for traveling around Europe, and everyone wants to go somewhere warm in winter or travel when the kids aren’t in school.

In short, if you’re going to fly when everyone else is flying, then your ticket will be more expensive. Try to be flexible with your dates. If you really want to visit Paris, go to Paris in the spring or fall when fewer people are visiting and airfare is cheaper.

The solution is to fly out of season. Look for alternative dates so you can make the most of the day. The more rigid your plan, the less likely you are to find a deal.

Also, it’s almost always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on the weekends because most people travel on weekends and airlines increase their prices at that time. Fares are also cheaper if you fly after a major holiday because early morning or late night flights are cheaper because fewer people want to travel. Fridays and Mondays are also expensive because that’s when most business travelers fly.

Airlines are not stupid. They know when a festival, holiday, major sporting event, or school holiday is coming – and they raise prices accordingly. Be flexible with your date and time and you’ll save a lot of money.

12. Ignore Myths About Booking a Flight

The first thing to know about finding cheap flights is that there’s no magic bullet or one secret ninja trick to doing it. There are many myths online about how to find cheap flights. In fact, you may have come across tons of flight deals to find the best flight deals!

What are the Myths About Booking Cheap Flights?

Ignore Myths About Booking a Flight 12 ultimate guide to get insanely cheap flights
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You can’t predict airline prices and websites that are basically guessing (but may be wrong). Airlines use state-of-the-art computers and pricing algorithms to determine prices and execute sales based on time of year, passenger demand, weather, major events/festivals, time of day, competitor prices, fuel prices and more. That so-called “trick” doesn’t work anymore. The system is too smart. These myths will 100% mislead you.

Everything is a lie. They will mislead you. Most websites employ terrible reporters who recycle common and ancient myths. Here are 7 myths and fact about booking a flight that you need to ignore, the most common ones that are 100% incorrect:

1. Myth: Skiplagging is a surefire way to save budget

This trick, once used by travelers willing to break the rules for big discounts, is nothing new. This practice, known as skiplagging allows travelers to arrive at the destination city by purchasing a transit ticket.

For example, if you want to go from Chicago to New York, travelers who use the practice of skiplagging will buy a cheaper Chicago-New York-Bangor (Maine) ticket. They stayed off in New York and didn’t board the next flight. The Skiplagged app was even specially created to help travelers do this trick.

While this sounds pretty logical, and you’ve paid for the ticket even if you don’t continue your flight to your final destination, airlines lose revenue when the seats purchased aren’t filled – and most airlines have rules that don’t allow this type of trip in their contracts of carriage. If caught, they could legally cancel your flight or threaten to take your frequent flier account.

2. Myth: Booking tickets for several passengers in the same transaction will be cheaper

Airline reservation systems make it easy for prospective passengers to book more than one ticket in a single transaction, and you might expect to get the lowest price if you do this. However, this assumption seems to be misguided.

The airline reservation system does fix tickets at the same price even if you buy more than one. However, if there are not enough tickets for the lowest price available, all tickets will be increased in price to the next level for example, from promo ticket prices to normal ticket prices.

Find out the cost per ticket when booking alone or with a group. If it’s cheaper on your own, book tickets separately until ticket prices go up to the next level. But keep in mind that purchasing tickets separately means that you must be prepared to sit next to your travel companion.

3. Myth: Reserve in advance

You can indeed buy a plane ticket between 8 and 11 months before the day of departure. And while this may seem logical to make sure you get your ticket, it doesn’t mean you can get the cheapest price.

You’ll spend about $50 more if you buy tickets in advance. The best time to buy tickets is actually between four months and three weeks before departure – although you may have fewer choices for your flight in terms of seats, flight times and class of service.

4. Myth: Book round trip tickets cheaper than one way

This myth has indeed been true in the past. Airlines offer lowest round-trip fares to ensure passengers will fly with the same airline. But now that has changed, and as price competition intensifies, booking one-way tickets can sometimes be cheaper than two-way tickets with the same flight schedule.

Do your research and compare the prices of multiple tickets for one- and two-way flights.

5. Myth: Saturday Night Transit for Cheaper Tickets

In the past, airlines offered the lowest ticket prices for passengers willing to make long transits on Saturday nights. This rule is used by airlines to differentiate business and leisure travelers, and is based on the assumption that business travelers are most likely to leave for work on Sunday or Monday, and then return home on Friday or Saturday.

It’s unlikely that business travelers would be willing to transit Saturday night and return the next morning for a bargain, because they usually don’t pay for their tickets personally, and thus, are more loyal when buying tickets even though they are higher.

With many low-cost airlines offering airline tickets at competitive prices, this rule is no longer valid.

6. Myth: The best time to book tickets is Tuesday

This myth is based on the once true statement that airlines will load their fares into reservation computers on Mondays. However, now the flight reservation system is much more unpredictable. In fact, the lowest fares for the same ticket are, on average only one US dollar difference when purchased on other days of the week.

Instead of figuring out the right day to book your ticket, it’s best to find the right day to fly. Tuesday is the best day to travel because tickets are the cheapest, while Sunday tickets are the most expensive. Flying in the middle of the week can also be an option as they usually offer the best price deals.

7. Myth: Your search history is tracked by cookies

Travelers are no stranger to rumors that airlines will increase the prices of certain routes if they search for them frequently on the same browser or computer. However, no consumer advocacy group has found evidence that ticket prices are determined individually via cookies.

Use sites like Skyscanner and Google Flights to track and compare prices from various online travel agencies.

Here is a list of the world’s largest budget airlines:

Here is a list of the world's largest budget airlines 12 ultimate guide to get insanely cheap flights
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Here is a list of the world’s largest budget airlines


Plan your trip and book your tickets in a smart way, so you can get the cheapest and most profitable ticket prices. That’s more or less the 12 things I usually do for hunting for cheap airline tickets. How about you? What do you usually do to hunt for cheap tickets? Hopefully for some time in the future, if the pandemic subsides, the border is re-opened, or who knows there is a promo, this article can be a little useful.

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