Jurassic Park Project, Rinca Island, Komodo dragon Indonesia. Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) is one of the last dragons (Komodo Dragons) on Earth, which is currently being discussed because many parties have criticized the Jurassic Park Project in the Komodo National Park area on Rica Island, Labuan Bajo. Because they think that development can endanger the survival and habitat of these reptile animals.

Important Things to Know about Indonesia’s ‘Jurassic Indonesia Tourism’

Where are Komodo dragons found?

Rinca Island jurassic park project komodo island indonesia what you need to know vdiscovery arvinovoyage
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Rinca Island is one of the three large islands in Komodo National Park. Two other islands, namely Komodo Island and Padar Island, as well as several small islands in the vicinity. These volcanic islands are home to about 5,700 giant lizards, whose appearance and aggressive behavior have led them to be referred to as ‘Komodo dragons’. Komodo dragons are found nowhere else in the world and are of great interest to scientists studying the theory of evolution. Komodo National Park is located in the administrative area of ​​East Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Timur). The land area of ​​this national park is 603 kilometers (km) and the total area is 1,817 km.

According to the official website of the UNESCO World Heritage Center (WHC), the history of protection provided by this site began in 1938. Meanwhile, the official protection of this location began when the Indonesian government declared the area a National Park covering 72,000 hectares in March 1980. This area was later extended to 219,322 hectares in 1984 to cover the expanded sea area and part of the Flores mainland.

Padar Island jurassic park project komodo island indonesia what you need to know vdiscovery arvinovoyage
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Padar Island

Consisting of Komodo Wildlife Reserve (33,987 hectares), Rinca Island Nature Reserve (19,625 hectares), Padar Island Nature Reserve (1,533 hectares), Mbeliling and Nggorang Protected Forests (31,000 hectares), Wae Wuul and Mburak Nature Reserves (3,000 hectares) and its surroundings. Marine area (130,177 hectares).

Amazing Facts About Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragon size

Komodo dragons are the largest lizards alive today. These reptiles can grow up to 3 meters in length. Some Komodo dragons can even weigh up to 135 kilograms, according to Encyclopedia Britanica. While female Komodo dragons have a smaller size with a length of up to 1.8 meters.

Komodo dragon live

This animal is only found on Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Gili Motang, and a small part in the north and west of Flores. But now they are starting to become extinct in Padar. Komodo dragons are not found anywhere else in the world. These animals must be protected because they are considered threatened due to the very limited range of population distribution.

World’s largest lizard

Komodo was first explored by the Dutch in 1910. At that time, Lieutenant Steyn van Hensbroek, an employee of the Dutch East Indies colonial administration, heard a story about an “animal like a dragon” from a pilot who was rescued when his plane crashed on an island.

Amazing Facts About Komodo Dragons jurassic park project komodo island indonesia what you need to know vdiscovery arvinovoyage
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Amazing Facts About Komodo Dragons

In 1912, Lieutenant Steyn sent a scientific expedition team to the island. A photo and skin sample from the expedition were sent to Peter A Ouwens, Director of the Zoological Museum and Bogor Botanical Gardens.

In a scientific paper published by Peter A. Owens 1912, the Komodo dragon was introduced to the world. And in 1915, under the planning of the Dutch East Indies colonial government, the Komodo dragon became one of the first animals in the world to receive protection.

Have Skin That Looks Like Chain Mail

Their skin is rough and durable, strengthened by the tiny bones underneath the skin called osteoderms. These osteodemata seem to be a kind of armor for the dragons. Local residents named Komodo as Ora or land crocodile. Komodo dragons vary in color, some are greenish, gray, blue, and orange.

They’re Surprisingly Speedy

Komodo dragons have long claws and a large, muscular tail. The movement of the Komodo dragon can be very fast 16 to 20 kilometers per hour. In addition, this animal is also strong enough to walk up to 11 kilometers per day. However, they prefer to stay close to home, rarely venturing far from where they hatch.

Endemic animal in Indonesia

This animal is only found in Indonesia. Komodo dragons live on several islands in the western part of East Nusa Tenggara, namely on Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Nusa Kode (Gili Dasami) and Gili Motang. These reptiles have lived in the area called the Lesser Sunda for millions of years.

Komodo Dragons Kill With Venom

This animal is also known to have a poisonous bite. The location of the poison is in the two glands under the jaw that produce several toxic proteins. This protein has anticoagulants that make it difficult for blood to clot. As a result, the prey can experience a drop in blood pressure, heavy bleeding and shock.

This poisonous bite is useful for getting food. Komodo is said to rarely eat their prey alive. Komodo dragons start eating when their prey is dying or shortly after dying from a poisonous bite. They can wait hours for prey to be at attack distance before biting into them.

Komodo dragons prey on birds, mammals such as buffalo and deer, carcasses, and other invertebrates such as insects. Adult Komodo dragons even prey on other, smaller dragons. They use their sense of smell to detect food

Can lay eggs without males

The reproduction of dragons is interesting, because these animals can lay eggs without having to be fertilized by male dragons, which is called the parthenogenesis process. Parthenogenesis occurs when another egg, not a sperm, fertilizes an egg. The biological process of making egg cells, which is called oogenesis, usually results in a polar body containing a duplicate of the egg’s DNA.

Can lay eggs without males jurassic park project komodo island indonesia what you need to know vdiscovery arvinovoyage
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Can lay eggs without males

This is a rare occurrence for vertebrates or animals with backbones such as Komodo dragons. However, the Komodo dragon mating season is from May to August. The eggs are then incubated in September for seven to eight months. So, in April the young Komodo dragons will hatch when the insects are abundant.

Komodo Island, one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Komodo National Park was designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991. Komodo National Park has also been included in the New Seven Wonders (Seven Wonders of the World), because of its natural wonders and the species that exist in its nature.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Lombok Island West Nusa Tenggara also has a very unique beach. The sand is pink. Therefore, popular with the name Pink beach. Whereas its real name, Tangsi Beach. But the color comes from algae in the sea that are red and coral fragments are red. Then the color is mixed with white sand until there is a beautiful color combination between white and reddish. Be pink.”
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Komodo Island will be transformed into a ‘Jurassic Park’

Indonesia will have its own ‘Jurrasic Park’. Indonesia President Joko Widodo will make Rica Island, Labuan Bajo as a National Tourism Strategy Area. For information, Rinca Island is one of the favorite destinations for tourists when visiting Labuan Bajo. On this island, tourists can see Komodo dragons living in their natural habitat.

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Komodo Island will be transformed into a ‘Jurassic Park’

The plan to build Jurassic Park on Rinca Island was first coined by Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, who was then the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs in 2019. Later, will have a research center and the local population will be” more prosperous “.

An animated video of the construction design “Jurassic Indonesia Tourism” was uploaded to the account of one of the architects using background music from the Hollywood blockbuster. At the end of the video, the logo of the Ministry of Public Development and Public Housing is in charge of the 1.3 hectare development.

The development of Rinca Island includes the development of a pier and an elevated deck building covering an area of ​​7, 400 square meters. The land for use includes the construction of a 4,000 square meter tourist information center building and a roof deck.

This integrated planning includes the arrangement of areas, roads, provision of raw water and clean water, waste management, sanitation, and improvement of residential areas through a master plan for infrastructure development that considers environmental, social and economic aspects.

The Jurassic Park Project for Arranging the Rinca Island Territory includes;

  1. Loh Buaya Pier, which is an improvement to the existing pier
  2. A coastal safety building which also functions as a path for access in and out of the area
  3. The Elevated Deck on the existing section, functions as an access road that connects the pier, information center and lodging for ranger, guide and researcher, is designed to be 2 meters high so as not to interfere with the activities of dragons and other passing animals and protect the safety of visitors
  4. Information Center building, integrated with elevated deck, resort, office, guest house and cafeteria
  5. Lodging building for rangers, tour guides, and researchers, which is equipped with a research post and habitat monitoring for Komodo dragons.

“Jurassic Park Project ” raises sparks and Critics

East Nusa Tenggara has been rejected by a number of local residents. The island is part of the Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, where residents and protected Komodo dragons can live side by side.

The concrete-based development contradicts the habitat of the Komodo dragon, which has been designated a national conservation area. The development of Rinca Island will potentially threaten the nature-based tourism sector as Labuan Bajo’s main product. Furthermore, the development of Rinca Island is thought to only serve the interests of investors.

Labuan Bajo jurassic park project komodo island indonesia what you need to know vdiscovery arvinovoyage
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Labuan Bajo

It is worrying that the construction of drilling wells as part of the facilities and infrastructure will kill water sources in the Rinca Island area, which has been a place for wildlife to live. Apart from the Komodo dragons, the 1,817 square kilometer Komodo National Park is also home to other unique animals, such as the Flores rat and Javan rusa deer.

Komodo Stopping Trucks for the ‘Jurassic Park’ Project on Rinca Island,

A Komodo dragon is seen facing a truck for the construction of natural tourism infrastructure projects on Rinca Island in the Komodo National Park, West Manggarai Regency, which is designed in the style of Jurassic Park.

komodo vs truck jurassic park project komodo island indonesia what you need to know vdiscovery arvinovoyage
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Komodo vs Truck

“Sad! Komodo is facing a truck for the Jurassic Tourism building project on Rinca Island. For the first time these Komodo dragons hear the roar of car engines, trucks, heavy equipment and breathe in the smell of smoke. What will the impact of these projects look like in the future? This incident is a path that is often passed by Komodo dragons, for the same Komodo dragon can cross the area 2-3 times a day.

Komodo habitat conditions are increasingly worried

It is planned that Komodo Island will be transformed into a premium tourist destination with an integrated Geopark or area concept approach that prioritizes the protection and use of geological heritage in a sustainable manner.

For some, this plan is a lucrative one for the island. But, what if the Geopark or integrated area concept is wrong? What if the plan would only damage the habitat for the Komodo dragons on the island?

The development plan has the potential to damage the ecosystem on Rinca Island. The existence of development carried out will change the natural conditions on the island which disturbs the life of living things there. In addition to changes in natural conditions, the emergence of pollution due to waste from development results will damage natural habitats. Various marine biota and other living creatures will also be disrupted due to this development.

Save Komodo Now

The life of dragons in Komodo National Park is increasingly under threat due to the ambition of the Indonesian government to build the Labuan Bajo Super Priority National Tourism Strategic Area in East Nusa Tenggara , or better known as the satire ‘Jurassic Park’.

Save Komodo Now jurassic park project komodo island indonesia what you need to know vdiscovery arvinovoyage
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The Indonesian government should focus more on matters of science and conservation of the Komodo dragon ecosystem than on tourism, which is based on large-scale infrastructure development that destroys the Komodo dragon ecosystem.

UNESCO itself awarded the World Heritage Site and the Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1991 to the Komodo National Park because of the dragons and their pristine landscapes. However, this status is still relevant to current conditions in the field? Maybe only UNESCO and the Government of Indonesia know the answer.

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