Amazing – Mega yacht Concept That Looks Like a Giant Shark

Yacht concept that looks like a giant shark. Lazzarini Design Studio designed a 153-meter-high yacht that looks like a shark. The concept of a yacht which is shaped as a shark is named Prodigium. The Italian company has long been known for its nature-inspired approach. A cruise ship has a different concept than usual. Crossing the ocean, this means of transportation is so manly, like a giant shark.

Given the name Prodigium

Prodigium has enough space to accommodate the second 30 meter yacht. While the exterior design has an ancient Roman influence, but still has a grand style. According to the design team, the Lazzarini Design Studio, the concept that resembles a sea predator and Roman architecture is not a futuristic ship, but represents a large shark as the ’emperor of the seas’.

Prodigium has six decks, three swimming pools and three helicopter hangars. The upper level of the ship which houses the main quest is designed to mimic the teeth and nose of a marine predator. The two sides of the yacht are also equipped with two large fins that can extend, their function as an additional patio space.

The ship is estimated to be able to reach speeds of around 22 knots, with a passenger capacity of 40 people. Its designers say the project is powered by 3 jet engines and a dual electric centerline engine.

“Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.”
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Avanguardia in the shape of a swan

All suites will be in the hull area, with a gym as well as a covered swimming pool. Prodigium is the second concept being developed by Italian designer Piepaolo Lazarini. The first concept was Avanguardia in the form of a swan.

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The control center has a flexible ‘neck’, which allows it to change position while steering the ship. This shark concept emerged as the demand for superyachts continued to grow. The global fleet jumped, in 2019 there were 3,906 ships and increased to 5,646 in 2019.

The price to build this luxury yacht is estimated at 550 million dollars. However, it seems that prospective buyers of Prodigium must be patient first. The design team estimates it will take at least 28 months to realize its vision after the purchase is made.

The project is projected to be completed in 2025. The number of orders for yachts measuring more than 24 meters has now increased, so designers are competing and trying to give their ships the best concept. Interested in boarding this ship?

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