Ahead of the turn of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, of course, most of you have thought of tourist destinations to celebrate this moment. Usually, a number of regions have also prepared unique traditions and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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New Year’s celebration as the celebration of New Year’s Eve is something that many people look forward to. Various countries also hold various types of events. One of them is a lively fireworks display to welcome the arrival of a new day and a new, better hope. From various countries, they hold an exciting New Year’s welcoming party to please their citizens in welcoming the coming new year. Which countries have the hottest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world?

Here are 9 of the hottest New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world:

1. New York, United States.

You can also make tours in the United States as one of the recommendations for tourist attractions to spend the New Year’s Eve holidays. And even the United States also has the most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world.

The forerunner of the magnificent New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City dates back to 1904, when the New York Times Squere business area had just opened. So the residents of the city are happy to welcome the establishment of the area at the new year. Until now, the New York Times is still one of the grandest New Year’s icons in the world.

New York United States 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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New York Times Square

Usually on December 31, the New York Times Square area is packed with visitors; right at sunset, a giant glowing ball known as the New York Meat Ball is pulled up on a times quere pole with a height of 23.5 meters. After that this ball was lowered exactly 60 seconds before the turn of the year. Exactly at 12 o’clock, fireworks lit up the Manhattan sky. And of course, during the show, it is accompanied by live music starring famous artists.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If you want to see firsthand the biggest New Year’s party in the world, then it’s the right choice if you visit Dubai. Dubai has the biggest and most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration in the world.

During the 2015 New Year’s celebration, one of the cities in the United Arab Emirates was recorded in the Guinese world record as the city with the grandest New Year’s welcoming party in the world, beating other big cities. This very luxurious celebration was held in the Burj Khalifa area, the tallest building in the world, which is the icon and mainstay of the city of Dubai.

Dubai United Arab Emirates 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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Dubai United Arab Emirates

Even if you are not a billionaire who can enjoy a New Year’s party in the building, you can still enjoy the incredible scenery in the surrounding area. You can see the fireworks that just exploded and came out of the building. In addition, there are many other biggest New Year’s events and filled with various famous artists in the world.

3. London, England.

For party lovers it is very appropriate to choose London as a holiday destination. London is a party lover’s paradise, because this city is famous for its nightlife. New Year’s Eve celebration activities are centered around the River Thames, where all eyes are on the London Eye or also called the Millennium Wheel, because since the 2005 New Year’s Eve celebrations, fireworks have been launched from this place.

London England 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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London Eye

Usually watch fireworks around London Tower, Westminster, London Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge to witness firsthand the excitement of the New Year’s party celebration and the sparkling fireworks. If you are interested in seeing the New Year’s party celebrations from the Big Screen, you can gather at Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square.

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In the afternoon you can watch and take part in the year-end parade. The parade departs from Westminster, passes through the center of the capital, and ends at Green Park. Lots of interesting activities and celebrations in London City, don’t miss ordering flight tickets to London and hotels in London to celebrate a lively New Year’s party in London.

4. Paris, France.

Want to celebrate New Year’s Eve for a whole month? Paris is the right destination. In Paris, France, New Year’s celebrations are held for a full month. On New Year’s Eve you can visit the Champs Elysees; there you can enjoy the radiant glow of the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. If you want to enjoy the New Year’s atmosphere from a higher place, you can go to Montmartre.

Paris France 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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Paris France

You can also visit Pigalle, which is known as the “red district” to enjoy the Moulin Rouge cabaret show. Or if you want to enjoy a calmer New Year’s Eve atmosphere, you can rent a Bateau Mouche cruise, enjoy dinner on the Seine River, and enjoy a different New Year’s sensation!

5. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Hogmanay is a New Year’s Eve celebration party; hogmanay itself means the last day of the year. Thousands of people, including Travelers from all over the world gathered together in the center of Edinburgh City to celebrate Hogmanay. They gather together to have fun, get drunk and crowd in the main streets of Edinburgh City.

Edinburgh Scotland 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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Edinburgh Scotland

Hogmanay is famous for its music performances, traditional dances, and lighting up the atmosphere at the Princess Street Garden. This New Year’s Eve celebration party was held for a full day. Travelers can join and run in the One O’Clock Run program down the Royal Mile. Travelers can also dive in the Forth River at the end of the Loony Dook parade or take part in a sled competition pulled by dogs. Interested in spending a vacation to Edinburgh Traveler?

6. Disneyland, United States of America.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Disneyland Orlando, United States of America, is an extraordinary opportunity. You can enjoy entertainment at Mickey Mouse where you can play with the characters Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Disneyland United States of America 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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After enjoying entertainment at Magic Kingdom, you can continue to Epcot. Here there will be a laser light show. Disney Hollywood Studios also gives a different look in winter. Bourbon Street in New Orleans also provides interesting shows starting from music concerts, dances, and of course the many dishes available there. For those of you who want to enjoy the music presented by DJs, you can visit the nightclubs around; the sound of the music will echo outside.

7. Sydney, Australia.

Sydney is one of the destinations that has the grandest fireworks in the world. The fireworks were launched from the Sydney Harbor Bridge and involved 6 barges around the Sydney Bridge. More or less there are about 30,000 fireworks effects that continue to burn for 12 minutes, amazing, isn’t it? Travelers can enjoy the light from the barges participating in the fireworks event from the bay.

Sydney Australia 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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Sydney Australia

There are 2 reasons why Sydney, Australia is one of the best tours you can visit to spend New Year’s Eve. The first is the geographical location of Sydney, which makes it have the fastest time compared to other cities and countries.

So Sydney becomes the first city that will celebrate the turn of the new year. And the second is that the world’s largest waterworks party is always lit in this city. In addition, various fountain attractions at the Sydney Operas House and Sydney Harbor Bridge add to the excitement of the New Year’s Eve celebration.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Not just last night, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is already famous for its lively Saturday night parties, which are often held at Copacabana Beach. But the difference is that when New Year’s Eve arrives, this beach will really be different and become something extraordinary. When New Year’s Eve arrives, at least around 2 million visitors will crowd the beach wearing all-white clothes.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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Rio de Janeiro Brazil

This beach stretches wide in the south of Rio de Janeiro City. This beach, is a place for New Year’s party celebrations; here you can enjoy dinner and a full all night party known as Reveillon. This celebration on the beach is the biggest and the biggest in the world. Travelers can dance freely until the next day.

The most important thing when attending a new year’s celebration in Brazil, don’t wear black clothes, because the people of Brazil consider black to be a bad omen. For other options, you can use red to represent romance, green for good health, or yellow and gold to represent prosperity. Enjoy the excitement of the New Year’s Eve celebrations at Copacabana Beach where you can drink as much beer as you want, see free concerts and glitter fireworks.

9. Hongkong.

By witnessing more and more extraordinary fireworks every year, Hong Kong continues to maintain their reputation as one of the cities with the best New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world. Victoria Harbor is also the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve with lively and magnificent fireworks.

At the end of 2014, the New Year’s Eve party in Hong Kong was titled New Year’s Eve New World, which was centered at the Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center in a location that is still around Victoria Harbor.

Hongkong 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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After the countdown was carried out at exactly 12 o’clock, music was launched instantly from the harbor and skyscrapers colored Victoria Harbor for 8 minutes. Not only that, sparkling spectacular fireworks and the play of lights in the form of circles and rainbows also celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong. The best location to see this is along the seaside of Tsim Sha Tsui, from Avenue Stars to Hongkong cultural center, and from the Golden Bohemia Square.

That’s information about the country with the hottest New Year’s Eve celebration, which is full of frenetic fireworks that are very stunning when welcoming the new year.

Which country will be first to celebrate New Year 2023?

Which country will be first to celebrate New Year 2023 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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Kiribati becomes the first country to celebrate New Year’s Eve launching from National Geographic, the first country to celebrate the New Year’s Kiribati. Kiribati is located in the Pacific Ocean Islands. Kiribati is made up of 33 (thirty three) islands. One such island is Kiritimati, which is located almost directly south of Hawaii.

Which country will last celebrate New Year 2023?

Which country will last celebrate New Year 2023 9 Hottest New Year's Eve celebrations Around the World arvinovoyage
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Baker Island and Howland Island. Both are part of the United States Minor Outlying Islands or the so-called Outlying Islands. Baker Island and Howland Island in the United States Minor Outlying Islands will be the last territories to celebrate the transition from 2022 to 2023 on Sunday, January 1, 2023 at 12:00 UTC.

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