Scariest places on earth you should never visit alone. Traveling between countries is now easier, especially after the number of travel airlines that provide various services and destinations. We can easily visit stinging deserts, beautiful beaches, dense forests, and any cool tourist destinations around the world.

We are used to choosing beautiful cities to serve as vacation destinations. Besides being good for uploading on social media, beautiful destinations will also make us happy and refreshed from our daily fatigue.

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In addition to cool destinations, there are some of the scariest places in the world that are used as vacation destinations. Storing millions of history and mysteries, these places have managed to become anti-mainstream tourism. For those of you who feel that you have traveled to various corners of the world, this place may be quite challenging. but believe me that the uniqueness of these Top 5 scariest places on earth you should never visit alone:

1. Hongyagu Glass Bridge, China scariest bridge.

China’s scariest bridge now, if you have a fear of heights, this story might make you fill up anxious in China’s Hunan province they’ve constructed a glass-bottom bridge between two cliffs. The bridge is suspended over 900 feet in the air and is open to up to 600 visitors at a time.

Hongyagu Glass Bridge China scariest bridge Top 5 Scariest Places on Earth You Should Never Visit Alone arvinovoyage
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Hongyagu Glass Bridge China scariest bridge

And the glass bridge is just not scary enough for you there’s also a glass walkway that winds around the edge of a cliff and a breathtaking height of over 3,500 feet even scarier at one point on the walkway there’s a glass section that seems to shatter and crack right under your feet but no worries it’s just a special effects designed to scare tourists and if all, that it’s still not enough to scare you that it’s worth noting the China’s previous glass walkway around noontime mountain actually did shatter sending terrified tourists running for their lives.

2. Castle Rock cave, Wisconsin, extreme diving.

Castle Rock cave diving now, if you’re even slightly claustrophobic, this next story is pure nightmare fuel under a small stream, and Fennimore Wisconsin lies an underwater tunnel that locals have dubbed the Castle Rock cave the cave is a favorite among no mount cave divers.

Castle Rock cave Top 5 Scariest Places on Earth You Should Never Visit Alone arvinovoyage
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Castle Rock cave

The reason they’re called no mount cave divers is because the cave is so small that the divers have to actually remove the oxygen tanks mounted on their backs just to fit through the narrow cavern. The diver even goes so far, as to have to remove his helmet to slip through an especially tight spot.

3. Rainbow Valley Everest Death Zone of Mount Everest.

Mount Everest Rainbow Valley through the years over 4,000 people have attempted to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world; of those 4,000 attempts, some have succeeded many of given up and over 200 climbers have died on the mountain.

Rainbow Valley Everest Death Zone of Mount Everest Top 5 Scariest Places on Earth You Should Never Visit Alone arvinovoyage
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Rainbow Valley Everest Death Zone of Mount Everest

Today four climbers were found dead on Mount Everest, and we have more from Jim Axelrod; the four bodies discovered in a tent near the summit bring the total to 10 this season; as horrible as that might be, it gets even worse since the trek up Mount Everest would be too treacherous for a body retrieval team the 200 plus bodies of the dead climbers are left on the mountain, they’re still lying there on the same spot where they took their last breath due to the freezing temperatures on the summit the corpses are preserved for decades because of the brightly colored mountaineering suits worn by the hundreds of dead climbers the area near the summit of Mount Everest.

“Worldwide scattered buildings, decorated with human bones, or almost entirely constructed from them”.
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4. Overtoun bridge ‘Dog Suicide Bridge’, United Kingdom.

The Overtoun bridge this story might only be scary if you happen to take your dog with you on vacation the Scotland You see there’s a strange mystery surrounding the Overtoun bridge in the city of Dumbarton over 50 dogs have jumped from the bridge to their death and no one knows why the Victorian era structure has been given the morbid nickname the dogs suicide bridge.

Overtoun bridge Dog Suicide Bridge United Kingdom Top 5 Scariest Places on Earth You Should Never Visit Alone arvinovoyage
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Overtoun bridge Dog Suicide Bridge United Kingdom

Researchers have investigated the strange occurrences but have never reached any definite conclusions about the odd canine behavior surrounding the Overtoun bridge dr. Davidson’s suggests that the cause might be the dog’s attraction to the animal smell of nearby minks in the brush below; however, locals aren’t convinced; they say the theory doesn’t fully explain why there are so many dogs jumping from just this one particular bridge it’s claimed to have seen dogs jump from the bridge survived the fall and climb right back up to the bridge and jump again the more superstitious towns folk believe the bridge to be haunted either way, most locals avoid the bridge completely when walking their dogs; the town has also posted signs torn visitors to keep their dog on a leash while near the Overtoun bridge.

5. The river Wharfe in Yorkshire, England.

The river Wharfe in Yorkshire is the most dangerous stream in the world, primarily because the street looks so safe and idyllic it just looks like a small pretty countryside stream and that’s where the danger hides, to explain the strip we have to go back upstream where the river wharf is just an average River nothing odd, nothing dangerous.

The river Wharfe in Yorkshire England Top 5 Scariest Places on Earth You Should Never Visit Alone arvinovoyage
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The river Wharfe in Yorkshire England

The problem is that as it moves downstream it literally flips on its side turning from a 30 foot-wide river into a five foot-wide stream that is 30 feet deep this is the stride, and to make matters worse it’s 30 feet of underwater caves and jagged rocks that can suck you right down and trap you inside through the years there have been numerous tragic reports that start with either children or adults relaxing around the stream, not knowing the danger below it said they decide to jump over the seemingly innocent stream but miss or they simply fall in the water and that’s the end strid sucks them down into its 30-foot labyrinth of caves and doesn’t let them back up it is said that people who fall into the street have a nearly 100 mortality rate; even worse; some never even float back to the surface, and their bodies are never found. Did you know in the UK there is a Museum called Pitt Rivers; it is located in Oxford, England, which holds a collection of preserved human remains.

So, those are the 5 scariest places in the world. If you already know the story, do you still dare to go there or not?

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