Tourism In Italy The tourism sector has been the most shaken since the Corona pandemic. Flights are restricted and even banned, many airlines lay off employees, hotels are also quiet, tourist attractions are closed and local income from tourism has dropped dramatically. Also, the suggestion of just staying at home makes tourism increasingly lose direction.

By closing borders in a number of countries and stopping airline operations, the tourism industry cannot do much. This is felt by European, Asian and American countries that impose lockdowns. Since curved-19 became a pandemic, Italy is the first country in Europe to adopt a lockdown policy in February. The Italian government has also given the green light for the opening of parks throughout Italy, but at this time residents are still prohibited from doing picnics. The local mayor will determine which parks can be opened or should remain closed. The cafe hasn’t opened yet to eat on the spot.

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Reste Forte Italia! 

The Italian tourism industry is getting ready to recover from the economic impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ahead of the summer holidays, Italy can not expect much on tourism. In fact, summer is the best moment to raise the wheels of the economy again.

Italy Coronavirus update news

According to The Sun report, Tuesday (4/28/2020) An island in Italy, Sicily, offers subsidies to travelers to stop by there. But, wait for the Coronavirus pandemic to end. Sicily, which is located in southern Italy, has also planned to attract foreign tourists to the island. How, by subsidizing travelers up to half the cost of airline tickets, reimburse hotel costs, and entrance tickets to tourist attractions.

Do you know that since Italy faced the coronavirus pandemic and implemented lockdown rivers in Venice, Italy, photos posted to a Twitter account and Facebook group, “Venezia Pulita” which translates to “Clean Venice,” locals are sharing pictures of the city’s water looking impossibly clean.

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Venice’s Canals Are Beautifully Clear 

The Italian government plans to gradually reopen the country. Quoted from Travel + Leisure, Italian people who work in the fields of construction, manufacturing, wholesale and real estate have returned to their original activities. In addition, several people with other jobs such as architects, accountants, engineers and lawyers also returned to work.

Schools, cinemas and shops in Italy will still be closed. All types of mass gatherings are also still prohibited. Bars and restaurants in Italy may only accept returning customers in June. According to The Local Italy, there are some things that are still set in Italy, such as a ban on parties and group meetings. Residents may still visit family members, but must maintain social distance and wear masks. It is now seen that Italians can now carry out various activities outside the home, including exercising. A number of Italians seemed to be enjoying the beach.

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In the midst of sorrow and anxiety, the Italian people apparently have the spirit to rise together. They have their own ways to strengthen and comfort one another in the midst of a tragedy that is happening.

The traditional Canto della Verbena song, one of which contains the passionate phrase “long live our Siena!”. Another song that is also widely sung is a song that was quite popular in Italy in the 1990s ago titled Grazie Roma. The lyrics are very much in accordance with the current conditions of residents in Italy; “Tell me what it is that makes us feel like we’re together, even when we’re apart”

Well, the song is indeed a universal language. The lyrics are full of enthusiasm and the strains of tone that strengthen the heart would be a happy consolation in a critical situation like this. Hopefully this plague is fleeting, yes. Stay safe and stay strong, everyone!

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