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The top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation. Traveling is one of the most fun and educational things a person can do. The best part of traveling is getting out of the house, visiting a foreign country, meeting new people, and enjoying a new culture.

And one thing that feels the most from a long journey is a place to stay, aka a hotel. While some hotel rooms look like interrogation cells at Guantanamo and some like Queen Elizabeth’s private spa, there’s a third type that looks like something unique and different.

These hotel rooms are absolutely unique in form or decoration, or even redefine the whole concept of space and rooms. Here we have summarized the 10 hotel rooms, each with their own uniqueness.

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1. Tree Hotel – Sweden

The Three Hotel or the three hotels is located in Edeforsvagen in Swedish Lapland. The hotel consists of seven independent tree houses built throughout the forest in the Lule River valley. This tree hotel is built around old conifers and raised from the ground four to six meters high, depending on the desired location of the tree house.

Treehotel top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage

Each of these seven houses or hotels was designed by a different Scandinavian architect. Some designs, such as The Cabin and The Dragonfly, are relatively normal, with traditional boxy exteriors and regular shapes. But some are not abnormal at all, such as UFOs which look exactly like their names.

This one is in the form of a large chrome flying saucer propped up by several trees with an ‘entrance’ that extends into the ground below like a UFO. The interior is also in the shape of a large circle, with a small peephole overlooking the human world below.

2. Utter Inn – Sweden

Utter Inn the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Utter Inn

The Utter Inn is located on Lake Malaren in Vasteras, Sweden. The entire hotel is essentially two rooms – one floating in the middle of the lake and one attached directly below it. The hotel is only accessible by boat and is clearly visible, from the outside, like an oversized tool shed or outhouse.

A deck that can double as a pier surrounds this building. Meanwhile, inside, the upper room has a secret door that leads down to the submerged room, whose window is a peephole that offers a view of the murky yellow lake water around it. Somehow, this is one of the simplest places on this list and one of the weirdest.

3. Airplane Hotel – Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica Hotel Costa Verde Quepos the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica

Hotel Costa Verde in Quepos, Costa Rica, is one of the many upscale hotels that line the borders of Manuel Antonio National Park. The park is small but beautiful and diverse, both geologically and biologically, making it an attractive place for ecotourism visitors.

Combined with the nearby beaches and built resort district, the whole area is is a tourism gold mine. Costa Verde stands out by offering a unique lodging experience. This can be seen from one of the rooms located on the Boeing 727 which has actually been refurbished. The plane is propped up on a ledge so that it overlooks the beautiful beach and at first glance appears to be stuck in the thick canopy of the surrounding forest.

Surprisingly, the interior of this metal plane is able to have two bedrooms made of wood. The walls, ceiling, floor and furniture are made almost entirely of uniform dark wood. This makes for a cool contrast to the exterior, which looks like a set piece from the Lost Series.

4. Dog Bark Park Inn – United States

Dog Bark Park Inn the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Dog Bark Park Inn

Located along Highway 95 in Cottonwood, Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn is both a retreat and a stay for travelers with a whimsical design. The entire building looks shaped like a giant beagle, nicknamed Sweet Willy.

The owner of this place proudly calls his design style “barkitecture.” As an explanation, inside the beagle there are two rooms available for rent, although lodging is always booked months or years in advance. Both rooms are full of dog memorabilia, including a wood carving in the shape of a dog by one of the innkeepers, Dennis Sullivan.

5. Fantasyland Hotel – Canada

Fantasyland Hotel the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Fantasyland Hotel

Fantasyland Hotel is located within the enormous West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The mall is the largest in North America and boasts a number of impressive attractions, such as the world’s second largest indoor water park.

Fantasyland Hotel lives up to the expectations of its epic location with a series of intricately themed rooms with extremely high production values. These rooms include ancient Romanesque, old west, pirate and tropical Polynesian themed rooms.

But perhaps the coolest of all is space. Space is modeled after the interior of a science fiction spaceship, with cosmic paintwork throughout, “window doors to outer space”, neon LED lights, buttons and dials everywhere.

Meanwhile, the coolest feature is the bunk bed, which at first glance looks like a sleeping pod aboard a futuristic star cruiser.

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6. Giraffe Manor – Kenya

Giraffe Manor the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is located in Nairobi, Kenya, on a large private plot of land used as an African wildlife sanctuary. The building itself looks like a luxury building typical of colonial heritage. With a view of a terraced house that is in stark contrast to the surrounding forest and plains.

In contrast to its former function, this building now functions as a center for the breeding/rehabilitation program for the endangered Rothschild giraffe population and as a hotel where guests can mingle freely with the giant mammals in the form of giraffes who are regular visitors around and even inside the hotel.

Like other animals, they go where food is, and the Manor feeds these animals well. Windows are strategically placed around the building’s exterior to allow the giraffes to dip their heads in for a snack and just the occasional visitor’s caress.

The Manor’s rooms are already very beautiful, but the real attraction of this building is the friendly giraffes who are used to coming to welcome them to just eat or relax.

7. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort East Village – Finlandia

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located in the Finnish Lapland region, the coldest and northernmost region of this Nordic country. The iconic and abundant snowfields and pine forests have helped make this area a world mecca for Christmas fans.

Many local businesses have adopted Christmas themes and events into their seasonal business models. In short, it’s almost as close to the North Pole as possible, metaphorically (and somewhat literally; there aren’t many civilizations above that latitude).

Kakslauttanen is very instrumental in the concept of this business and offers a wide range of winter activities and the best Arctic themed accommodation a visitor can receive. The most famous of all its attractions is the glass igloo.

In their own field, amid snow-covered pine trees, there lies a row of igloos, each of which has its own stand-alone structure. All of these igloos are one empty room, and each has an entire dome made of glass. This makes sky gazing the most comfortable and enjoyable with the bonus of stunning northern lights.

8. Voyager Station

Voyager Station top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Voyager Station

Space tourism has probably been heard a lot lately. But what about the space hotel, which is said to be open in less than a decade?

Yes, that ambition is not a fiction story, but a dream that the Gateway Foundation wanted to realize when it first announced it in 2019. The concept developed into something more concrete that is targeted to be able to serve customers by 2027.

The first space hotel that floats above Earth’s atmosphere is called the Voyager Station, which has the style of a cruise ship, except that it ‘sails’ in space.

At this Voyager Station, visitors will enjoy extraordinary views, in the form of planet Earth seen from space with the backdrop of the magnificent universe, enjoying zero gravity, and seeing space objects. Activities never found on Earth.

Judging from the circulating concept photos, the Voyager Station is equipped with bars, restaurants, gyms, and other recreational facilities.

The design offered, promised this space hotel has the impression of luxury and elegance. It is also stated that the shape will not be rigid as seen on the International Space Station (ISS), instead wanting to display a more ambient interior inside so that Earthlings are interested in staying at this space hotel.

Voyager Station, a space hotel that will open in 2027. In addition, its circular shape resembles a wheel and then spins, it will provide artificial gravity. Visitors to this space hotel can move easily.

One thing that is surprising is that the Voyager Station starts in 2026. If you look at the plan to open the hotel the following year, of course this plan is very ambitious although it is quite interesting.

9. Aura House – Bali

Aura House Bali the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Aura House Bali

Standing tall between the rice fields and the forest, Aura House Bali is not just an ordinary tree house, although the building looks simple, but this is a luxurious and majestic paradise!

In the morning, the sun will cover this place and make the atmosphere warmer.

Staying here, you will feel a truly romantic atmosphere. Their swimming pool is perfect for an afternoon swim when the sun is not so hot. Especially after being decorated with hundreds of rose petals on it, it becomes even more beautiful. You can also enjoy a floating meal with your loved ones here. Aura House Bali does have everything to please every visitor so that they feel relaxed during their vacation here.

10. Coconut Galaxy Villas – Bali

Coconut Galaxy Villas Bali the top 10 most unusual and unique hotels in the world for your vacation arvinovoyage
Coconut Galaxy Villas Bali

This is no ordinary bubble hotel. Coconut Galaxy Villas features a super unique transparent igloo-style building. The colorful decorative lights at night will make you feel the sensation of staying in outer space. Don’t worry, your privacy will be maintained during your stay here.

Want to know what’s even more interesting than this one villa? You can enjoy the private pool directly in front of the room!

Hidden in the middle of the Canggu area, you will have an unforgettable experience if you stay here. Lazy to take a walk? Just relax on the colorful floaties while enjoying a sunny Bali afternoon. In the morning you can also enjoy a floating breakfast too.

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