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A village in Italy that disappeared under lake water in 1950 suddenly resurfaced, causing a stir on social media. Is Curon Village, located on Lake Resia, South Tyrol, Italy, or what is known as Reschensee in German, located in South Tyrol. In the Alps region bordering Austria and Switzerland. The village reappeared after being “drowned” 70 years ago. The reappeared village ruins can now be witnessed by tourists.

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Curon village history

In 1940 around 1,000 Curon residents were given 10 years to move, it was recorded that more than 160 houses were drowned in Lake Resia. As a result, around 1,000 residents eventually fled, and left hundreds of houses, while 400 Curon residents created new villages in the vicinity while the rest moved to various areas. Workers started drying the lake after the ice sheet melted, the area was completely dry. Lake Resia leaves only a church tower from the 14th century that pops up in the middle of the lake.

What happened to Curon village ?

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The disappearance of the Italian village of Curon drowning in water is not due to natural disasters, but deliberately drowned because the land will be used for the Glorenza Hydroelectric Power Plant which produces 250 million kWh of electricity per year.

The sumberged bell tower of Curon

One of the photos of the village of Curon was immortalized by a local resident named Louisa Azzolini. He also said that he felt a little strange when he walked in the ruins of the former home of a resident of the village of Curon. Moreover, usually residents can only see the church tower that rises out of the lake. Luisa also shared several photos in the form of the remains of stairs, cellars, and ruins of walls.

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“One of the traditions that still run on this island is the construction of houses colorful like rainbows. So that even from a distance, tourists can see beautiful scenery in the form of a row of houses with striking colors that are quite unique, and the colors from one house to another are completely different”.
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“Curon like you’ve never seen before. For maintenance reasons, Lake Resia was temporarily drained and the remains of the village of Curon surfaced. There is a strange feeling when walking among the ruins of this house, “said Louisa on her Twitter account.

Currently the tower is the only part that is still alive, to remind the village of Curon. The bell tower was placed under the protection of the fine arts department and became a symbol of the city of Curon. Even the roof was restored, as the bell tower that was considered a medieval relic had to be protected. The total cost of restoration in 2009 was around € 130,000.

Best of Curon Venosta, Italy Tourism

The village of Curon, which borders Austria and Switzerland, is a tourist attraction for tourists. Visitors there are attracted by the mysterious-looking church tower. Tourists and locals can also walk over the site to take some creepy photos of the remains of the lost village.

Before reappearing, the Curon church tower was a popular tourist destination. Especially in winter, because when the water freezes, visitors can walk towards the tower and see the architecture of the building more closely. In winter, when the lake freezes over, the bell tower is within walking distance. A legend has it that on some winter days it was still possible to hear the bells ringing, even though the church bells were gone. Be unique and mysterious.

The lost charm of Curon Village has also inspired the series Curon (2002), an Italian television series with a supernatural drama genre. Created by Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi, and Tommaso Matano for Netflix, Curon stars Valeria Bilello and Luca Lionello.


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