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FPV Drone A DJI Drone that gives a first person view nuance review. DJI released the FPV (First Person View) Drone as a breakthrough in its latest drone technology. The FPV system makes you feel like flying. This new drone includes glasses, remote control and all the other accessories needed to fly quickly and safely.

Watch video: Ambient Drone Film.

This system provides a truly amazing and immersive experience. Delivers smooth 4K / 60 footage. This FPV drone is suitable for beginners or experts, both for the documentation section or as a drone for mapping. The DJI FPV offers three flight modes and more intuitive controls. Pilots can try out the DJI Motion Controller, a device that allows flight control via simple hand movements.

In this article, I will review the DJI FPV Combo to see what it contains if you buy one. I will also take a look at the FPV drone specifications and key features that make this an unrivaled choice to experience the world of FPV drone flying. You can also read my review about the differences between DJI FPV Drones vs normal Drones.

Unboxing DJI Drone FPV.


DJI FPV Specifications and Key Features.

Imagine that you are standing on a steep cliff ready to make a jump. In this way you will get a joyful feeling, even as a recreational activity.

DJI FPV Specifications and Key Features

It’s a perspective like that you can expect with DJI FPV. This innovative system is built to record incredible footage and provide an unmatched experience. From smooth and stable flight in N mode, to infinite maneuverability in M ​​mode. You can navigate in an endless variety of spaces and see a world completely different from before.

Great Immersive Experience.

Whether you are passing through dense forest or flying across along rocky coastlines. The FPV drone ensures that you will show the view in detail and of course it is stunning.

Immersive FPV glasses provide crystal clear HD transmission and low latency. The 150 ° FOV provides a very wide view of the environment. This DJI FPV drone has a maximum speed of 140 kph and can reach 100 kph in just two seconds for added fun.

Great Immersive Experience

As a reminder, 150 ° FOV only applies when shooting at 50 or 100 fps. Always comply with local laws and regulations regarding flight speed. The maximum flight speed of the drone varies according to the flight mode.

Produces Stunning Images.

The flight experience is quite epic, but the DJI FPV’s ability to capture footage to match the excitement of flight is even more impressive. Because you will be taken to fly, take good pictures that are more memorable.

The DJI Drone FPV gimbal camera delivers 4K / 60 fps recording at up to 120 Mbps. Featuring a super wide 150 ° FOV to ensure you capture the entire scene wherever you fly.

Produces Stunning Images

With features like 4x Slow Motion, Rock Steady image stabilization, and distortion correction, you can enjoy intense but incredibly smooth and cinematic results.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
DJI Mini 2 packs powerful performance in an impossibly light body. Mini 2 is the ideal choice for beginners and content creators looking to level up”.
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Easy In Use.

The DJI FPV Combo is equipped with a standard remote control, which allows pilots to operate in three flight modes. These modes are Normal, Sport and Manual.

The N mode (normal) offers a flight control experience similar to the DJI Mavic Series drones.

The S (sport) mode is a hybrid flight mode that bridges the gap between the stability of the N mode and the more dramatic maneuverability of typical FPV drones.

M (manual) mode offers a full FPV flight experience and unlimited control options. If you want to use this mode, make sure you have done sufficient training in the DJI Virtual Flight app or in other FPV simulators before operating in M ​​mode to ensure safety.

Easy In Use

With these three flight modes, new users have the perfect way to learn and become experienced FPV Drone pilots.

For a more immersive flight experience, try the DJI Motion Controller, which is sold separately. This small device fits in the palm of your hand and replaces the remote control, allowing you to fly using simple and intuitive hand movements.

Security and Safety Features.

While conventional drones are easy to drop, the DJI Hybrid FPV drone comes with advanced safety features that allow pilots to fly with confidence. The Emergency Brake and Hover feature allows the pilot to stop and hover for a few seconds at the press of a button.

This feature works in any flight mode and provides a way for the pilot to suppress delays in flight. If you feel uncomfortable or face an emergency.

Security and Safety Features

Failsafe Return to Home allows the drone to automatically return to the point of departure if the transmission signal is lost during flight. During RTH, or any flight in N mode. Front and bottom anti-obstacle sensors are available to make the drone, slow down automatically when an obstacle is detected, just slow down and not stop.

The DJI FPV also features a modular design. Makes parts such as the camera gimbal, landing gear, and top case easy to replace in the event of a breakdown. DJI Maintenance Refresher is available for the DJI FPV, giving pilots greater peace of mind during the flight.


What are the most interesting features of DJI-FPV?

The first is the emergency brake. When the brake button is pressed the drone will automatically stop immediately and float in the air. So, it is very safe to avoid collisions. The DJI-FPV is also equipped with an ADS-B feature that serves to inform pilots if there are other drones approaching.
The second is the RTH or Return To Home feature that allows the drone to return to the starting point of flying automatically.


FPV Drone Offers everything you need to start droning flights. DJI FPV has an immersive system that provides advanced safety features, various flight modes, as well as high-quality photos and videos.

As a pilot. You can even practice your flying skills on the DJI Virtual Flight app before take-off. For greater comfort during flight, the DJI Care Refresh is available, and the DJI FPV modular design. Allows spare parts to be replaced easily. If you’re looking for an FPV drone, it’s hard to match the convenience, value and quality of this DJI FPV drone. CHECK PRICE

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