Sony A7s III Review! Mirrorless Digital Camera : Travel Photography Dream

Sony A7s III review mirrorless digital camera, travel photography dream. Sony has released a full-frame mirrorless camera which became quite popular among video content creators around 2015. The Sony A7S II is one of the first cameras in its class to record 4K resolution video, using a 12MP full-frame sensor. With its good quality, the successor of this product is highly anticipated by content creators.

Sony a7S III Announcement

Sony A7S III is here to fulfill the enthusiasm of the people who are looking for a quality full-frame mirrorless cameras. The camera still uses a ‘low’ resolution sensor, but the sensor quality has been improved, with an updated processor as well. Sony promises a better level of noise reduction, a wider dynamic range and increased speed.

sony a7s iii review mirrorless digital camera travel photography dream vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Sony a7s III

The letter “S” in the A7S series itself means “sensitivity”, which means that the Sony A7S III has the advantage of quality video recording in low light conditions as well as dynamic range. This camera is the third generation of the Alpha 7s and Alpha 7s II series, which was launched in 2014 and 2015. Of course, the Sony Alpha 7S III is highly anticipated by Sony camera lovers to experience some of the latest features that these cameras carry.

Sony A7S III Specs

4K 120p video including sound.

The Sony Alpha 7S III has a back-illuminated full-frame sensor with a resolution of 12.1 MP which is claimed to have gone through several development processes. In addition, this camera also has a very high sensitivity capability, making it the best low light mirrorless camera in its class for now. However, the greatness of this camera does not stop there, but it can record 4K 120p video including sound with 10 bit 4: 2: 2 color depth and has more than 15 stops dynamic range of movies.

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To provide comfort when recording for long periods of time, Sony designed the Alpha 7S III with the latest heat dissipation mechanism, so users can record 4K 60p 16 bit RAW movies for more than an hour until the camera battery runs out. Is the first time in the Alpha series. The Fast Hybrid AF system with 759 phase-detection point sensors also covers 92 percent of the image sensor.

Exmor – BIONZ X ™ 12.2MP full frame CMOS sensor.

The large BSI full-frame EXMOR R CMOS sensor has a resolution that fits at 12MP, so that the dimensions of each pixel are larger, allowing more light to be captured. The BIONZ XR processor used in the Sony A7S III is claimed to be 8 times faster than the previous generation. Sony claims that this camera has a dynamic range of up to 15 more stops and a rolling shutter reduction of up to 3 times.

It’s ISO range is very wide, ranging from ISO 40 to 409,600 with a very wide ISO range, this camera is very usable for taking pictures in low light conditions. This camera can also capture photos in the HEIF format, which has a wide dynamic range (HLG) and a 10-bit grading standard.

Profil Cine color, standar S-Gamut & S-Gamut 3.

For those who like to use cinema standard presets, the Sony A7S III supports Cine color profiles, as well as S-Gamut & S-Gamut 3 standards. The phase detection focus system on this Sony mirrorless camera covers 759 points or 92% of the sensor area. This time, it comes with real time tracking and real time eye autofocus, a fresh improvement from the previous series, which still used the contrast-detect autofocus system.

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Apart from that, the Alpha 7S III also provides a new Creative Look option with 10 presets that can be used for both photo shooting and video recording, making it easier to create an interesting atmosphere on the camera to use as is or to suit the user’s taste.

High definition OLED display.

The Alpha 7S III is a camera that features a 9.44 million-dot (approx.), 0.64-type Quad-XGA electronic viewfinder with an enhanced, high-definition OLED display. The Viewfinder Alpha 7S III offers a viewfinder magnification of 0.90x, a diagonal field of view of 41 °, an eyepoint as high as 25mm for clear viewing angles and low distortion.

High definition OLED display sony a7s iii review mirrorless digital camera travel photography dream vdiscovery arvinovoyage
High definition OLED display

It is also dust, fog and moisture resistant, highly responsive, and has modes that can be switched for various types of subjects. Every aspect of the Alpha 7S III’s viewfinder has been designed and refined for professional workflows.

“Sony ZV-1 The best compact camera for Content Creators, Travel vlogging and video sharing that has occurred lately, Sony Electronics to launch its newest digital pocket camera, this camera uses a variety of the latest technologies and advanced features that can make it easier for users, making it suitable for casual video shooting. by ordinary users though.”
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Full-frame Body 5-axis stabilization.

The body itself already has 5-axis stabilization, so it remains safe when used with lenses without stabilization at all. The screen has also been updated, now fully articulated with 3-inch dimensions and supports touch input, a first for a Sony camera series.

Full-frame Body 5-axis stabilization sony a7s iii review mirrorless digital camera travel photography dream vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Full-frame Body 5-axis stabilization

With a variable angle side opening on the LCD screen, it increases recording flexibility and thanks to the Dual CFexpress Type A card slot, enables high-speed data processing while preserving the data size.

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Sony Alpha 7S III Travel Photography Dream.

The most important piece of equipment for a blogger and movement traveler is a camera. The basic cool things about the camera are the weight and size of the camera as you will be lifting it on your back every day. Also, you need to make sure that you buy a camera that can be used for travel, the Sony Alpha 7S III is the best to combine performance and quality in the latest mirrorless cameras.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, what are you shooting with? even though the equipment is only one factor in making photography, and a good camera is not what great photographers make, it is a very important part of the process. Having the right camera and lens opens up your ability to make vision come alive.

A fantastic price indeed for a mirrorless camera. But once again, this is not an ordinary mirrorless camera, but has a full-frame sensor that excels in recording low-light conditions even if it is suitable for travel / vacation enthusiasts.


Is the Sony a7S III good for photography?

sony a7s iii review mirrorless digital camera travel photography dream vdiscovery arvinovoyage

This camera has a wide range of videography capabilities and industry-leading features capable of providing a faster and more efficient workflow. It’s a smart camera. All the features in this camera can be used all and meet the needs of videographers.

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