Drone View – Nusa Penida Bali

Visiting Bali will make you even more excited because there is Nusa Penida there. Nusa Penida who is still a “virgin” has so much unique natural beauty that should not be left alone. You must visit and enjoy the scenery that is so amazing.

Traveling to Bali is not just a matter of enjoying beauty alone. More than that, traveling to Bali should be a place to explore a variety of things that were not previously known, broaden thinking, and find a variety of surprises. 

Nicest beach in Bali

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With the help of drone technology, for example, your traveling experience can be filled with a variety of surprises. You can find the other side of Bali’s natural beauty from the eyes of a bird. Bali indeed presents a beautiful view. If a traveler crosses into Nusa Penida, this is how beautiful the beaches are from the eyes of the drone camera.

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