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Mykonos Greece, travel guide Europe’s best destinations. When traveling to Greece, maybe you will immediately think about Tourist Attractions in Greece because it is very famous. But besides Santorini, there is another interesting place to visit. Namely Mykonos. Mykonos is a famous island in Greece located in the Cyclades Group, Aegean Sea. And frequently visited by tourists for vacation.

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Mykonos is considered by world travelers to have the most beautiful natural scenery in Greece. Mykonos is also famous among travelers as a place to take a vacation in the summer by enjoying the beach and its bustling nightlife, especially when there is a summer party in Mykonos which certainly makes the atmosphere lively in Mykonos.

Mykonos also has another name, Chora, which means white city. This island has a nickname as “The Island of the Winds” which gives a calm atmosphere. The island is 150 kilometers from Athens.

It is only about 85.5 square kilometers. However, this tourist spot has many attractions that make it always crowded with tourists. This island has everything that characterizes the Cyclades Islands as does the island of Santorini. Mykonos is also famous for its unique white buildings and windmills, as well as beautiful beaches that are a destination for tourists and world celebrities.

What are the top sights in Mykonos (Greece) ?

Armenistis Lighthouse mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage

Located within easy reach of the UK, it offers warm sunshine, stretches of the ocean and beaches to evoke a classic holiday feel. Not only that, it also provides many other options such as delicious food, history, and relaxed Mediterranean culture, so it’s no surprise that nearly three million British people come here each year (Europe’s Best Destinations).

A summer vacation in Mykonos can also make it easy to get there at the airport in Mykonos will accept international flights. If from Athens you also don’t need to worry because it only flies 25 minutes to get to Mykonos. For those of you who like beach tourism with excitement, visiting Mykonos is a must place for your vacation.

As a spot for those of you who like to be in the spotlight, Mykonos is not only the most glamorous island in Greece but also one of the most stylish in the world. While here you can stay in hotels, experience world-class nightlife and hang out with other jet-setters.

cycladic architecture mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Cycladic architecture

The bright white buildings blend Venetian and Cycladic architecture, reminiscent of romantic films set on the beach with characters dressed all in white while relaxing. Mykonos skies are turquoise like postcard photos, and sunbathing tourists on the shores of golden sand.

This island in the Aegean Sea is a vacation destination for upscale tourists who want to experience a sparkling nightlife. Then during the day, take a marine tour with various activities. There are two options: the secluded and romantic north coast. Or the south coast is always filled with tourists. In addition, you can immortalize Little Venice and the windmills in photos and postcards and dine at several well-known restaurants.

Mykonos Island is known for its beautiful beaches such as Paradise Beach, Agrari and Elia. Paradise is the most popular among backpackers and is where they party every night. You will meet many Petros the pelican, the pelican bird which is the mascot of Mykonos. Here you can relax while enjoying the ocean and also enjoy the sunset at the beachside restaurant.

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On both sides of the beach, you can enjoy parasailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, horse riding or just relaxing into a vibrant evening, as most other tourists on Mykonos do. There is a lot of scuba diving around Mykonos. Visitors who wish to be divers, consider doing a few dives while here. Of course you won’t find a lot of coral but you will find lots of fish and some shipwrecks. It costs around 70 EUR.

Cavo Tagoo, The Most Tourist Hotel In Mykonos Island

Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos is famous for being very beautiful and instagramable in the world. Cavo Tagoo is built facing the cliff with clear sea views from the rooms and swimming pool. Cavo Tagoo are located on the western coast of the island of Mykonos, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Even though this hotel is built on a high cliff, you don’t need to worry because it has easy access to the main city.

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Featuring the hotel’s infinitely accessible main pool, the white-painted suites of Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos also come with a Jacuzzi and a private pool. And the most famous and instagramable, namely the very unique Cave Suites. The suite is carved directly into the cliff with an unheated outdoor pool and you can access it from the bedroom.

Imagine waking up every morning on vacation with a great view and a comfortable bed. You can watch the sun set before getting some quality sushi at the restaurant. That’s all Cavo Tagoo can serve. No wonder this hotel is very well known in Greece and of course among global travelers.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“By day Lisbon has a naive theatrical quality that enchants and captivates, but by night it is a fairy-tale city, descending over lighted terraces to the sea, like a woman in festive garments going down to meet her dark lover”.
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Little Venice Quarter

One of the best-known places in Mykonos is the Little Venice Quarter. This neighborhood is a part of Mykonos that leads directly to the sea and is a very attractive sight. The interesting thing is when waves or waves come, these waves directly hit the buildings and houses that are there. So it will remind you of Venice or Venice in Italy.

Little Venice Quarter mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Little Venice Quarter

This area was built around the 16th to 17th centuries by wealthy marine traders. The location of the Little Venice Quarter is in Chora, which is adjacent to Alevkantra Beach. This place is one of the romantic and favorite places for tourists to hang out.

Kato Mili

Kato Mili means low windmill. This place does have an interesting row of windmills. These windmills overlook the Chora Sea and are part of the history of Mykonos. Kato Mili is made of wood and straw. This building was first created in the 16th century by the Venetians. Today Kato Mili is an iconic relic. Its current function is as a museum.

Kato Mili mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Kato Mili

You can visit it on a backpacker trip to Greece and find a museum showing that the Venetians of the past were very intelligent by harnessing the power of the wind. The scenery created by this windmill is also very beautiful.

Platis Gialos Beach

The next tourist spot in Mykonos is Platis Gialos Beach. This beach is on the south side of Mykonos. Compared to other beaches, this beach is more friendly for family tourism. In the vicinity there are many hotels. You can stay at this hotel and enjoy a panoramic view of the beach right from the hotel room. Not only that, visitors can also look for hotels whose rooms directly face the beach.

Platis Gialos Beach mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Platis Gialos

You can enjoy several water sports at this Platis Gialos . Besides that, there are also taxi boats that can take you to other islands around Mykonos for a vacation in a different way.

Panormos Beach

Another interesting beach to visit is Panormos Beach. This beach is one of the beaches that are quieter than other beaches in Mykonos. Because access to the beach is not as easy as other beaches. Therefore, Panormos Beach is one of the right tourist destinations for those of you who like tranquility. Its position is on the north side of Mykonos. There is an attractive and beautiful bay.

This band does not develop like other beaches. However, you can enjoy this beach by doing several activities. For example, beach volleyball with traveling companions. Or enjoy the beautiful white sand. Also visited the surrounding countryside.


The Chorais the center of Mykonos Town (Mykonos Town) which is the heart of Mykonos. You can explore Chora by visiting some of the main buildings there which have unique characters.

This place will remind you of the atmosphere of the Road to Santorini, because the buildings in Chora also have their characteristic blue and white. This city has complete facilities, ranging from shopping areas, places to eat, and so on.

Chora Mykonos Town mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Chora Mykonos Town

You can explore the buildings in Chora and take pictures while making time for shopping. You can buy some typical Greek souvenirs in the shopping area and you can also buy postcards for mementos.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Off Castle Garden, a mile to the southeast, near the western edge of Governors Island, a ship lay resting through a foggy spring night before the long and arduous trip back to the old world – whether Riga, Naples, or Constantinople is not certain”.
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Armenistis Lighthouse

The next tourist spot in Mykonos is a famous lighthouse, which is called Armenistis Lighthouse. This lighthouse is in the northwestern part of the island of Mykonos.

Armenistis Lighthouse mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Armenistis Lighthouse

This place is one of the best points to see beautiful scenery. The tower is about 19 meters high and offers direct views of the beautiful Aegean Sea.You can also see Tinos Island from the top of the tower. Also boats going back and forth around the island. The tower is located about 7 kilometers from Chora. You can visit it by taking the north coast road.

Mykonos Diving

It’s not complete if you visit a tourist island without enjoying its underwater beauty. You can visit Paradise House Reef to dive and see the beautiful sea of ​​Mykonos.

House reef dive mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
House reef dive

The dive will take place at the bottom of the Cycladic Sea. Various underwater species are available there and you can interact with them. Some of the best include starfish, octopus, sponges, sea bream, and many more. Tourist attractions in Greece are located 4.5 kilometers from the city center of Mykonos. There will be a guide who helps you to prepare for the dive process. Prices vary according to the time of the dive itself.

Mykonos Folklore Museum

The Mykonos Folklore Museum is one of the tourist attractions in the center of Chora and is always busy with visitors. This museum occupies a captain’s house. The building has two floors.

Mykonos Folklore Museum mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Mykonos Folklore Museum

Inside there are 6 main rooms that accommodate old collections. Some of them include furniture, icons from Byzantine heritage, folk ceramics, old plates, as well as old historical art and decorations. There are also other collections of folk arts such as weaving, embroidery, small decorative collections, keys, and the like. Old manuscripts are also included in the collections of this museum. There is also no library in it.

Archaeological Museum Of Mykonos

Another interesting tourist spot in Mykonos to visit is the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. This museum overlooks Delos from the port of Chora. Even though it’s small, you can see some interesting collections of this museum.

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos mykonos greece mykonos travel guide europe best destinations vdiscovery arvinovoyage
Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

Most of the collections kept in the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos are excavations from the island of Mykonos itself. Some of the objects that, were there such as vases, jewelry, pottery, and so on. This discovery was thought to have originated many centuries ago, even from the 25th century BC. In addition, there are also war relics stored there. You can visit it from 08.00 to 15.00.

Aegean Maritime Museum

Another museum in Mykonos that can be visited is the Aegean Maritime Museum. This museum is in the center of Chora and not far from the Mykonos Folklore Museum. This building focused more on the marine life in Mykonos in the past with a collection of ancient navigation tools, ancient ship models, to ancient shipping maps. It is suitable for tourists who are interested in the maritime world.

The museum also houses, old artifacts such as anchors and is also the Aegean’s largest lighthouse. You can visit it every day from 10.30 to 13.00. And open again at 18.30 to 21.00 with a different ticket price.

Tourist attractions in Greece are perfect for those of you who are planning a honeymoon trip, want to apply for your idol, or you can even hold a luxurious wedding reception in Greece. Like a fairy tale, Greece has many of the best tourist attractions that you can visit. Want a romantic vacation spot? You must try to come to Mykonos! There are many other beautiful places in Greece.

Head to Santorini to see the iconic whitewashed and blue buildings on the cliff sides. If you want to see the famous shipwreck beaches, visit Zakynthos. Whereas Milos is a paradise for jumping into the water from the white cliffs juxtaposed with turquoise water.

So, that was Mykonos that you should visit while on vacation there. which place will you go to first?

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